2014 Bentonville Pride's  "Illumina Noctem"

2014 Bentonville Pride's  "Illumina Noctem"

The Pride is the program's marching band.  The Pride performs at BHS football games and competes in Bands of America competitions regionally and nationally.  The Pride is the first Arkansas band to reach finals in BOA competition!  It has reached the finals of the St. Louis Super Regional twice and the Indianapolis Super Regional in its only appearance.


"Pride" Marching Band is a developing ‘state of the art’ competitive marching band. It will explore the latest trends in competitive marching band. The ‘Pride’ is an extra-curricular offering for band students at Bentonville High School.


"Pride" marching band provides an outlet for students interested in the realm of ‘state of the art’ design, performance, social, and competitive opportunities.


All band members 9-12 must complete a successful audition to be granted membership into all sections of the "Pride" (ie. Including Hornline, Color Guard & Percussion). 9th and 10th grade students that are interested may audition for membership but are not required to do so. This option for membership is only available for 9th and 10th grade students. All potential members that audition will be granted membership based on their performance ability – both musically and visually. Students that are not selected for membership with the "Pride" in a full time performance role, Understudy position or Visual Ensemble position AND ALL OTHER 9th and 10th GRADE BAND STUDENTS will perform in the Pre-game varsity football support band.


Since the "Pride" is a Co-Curricular activity, its rehearsal schedule falls almost entirely outside of the typical school day. Pride rehearsals are as follows, but not limited to:

  • Audition Camp: 4 to 5 days meeting from 4:30 pm to 6:00pm after school during the month of April or May.
  • Summer Rehearsal: Approx. 12 hours of rehearsal during June and July. Each rehearsal will be 3-4 hours and will meet every other week. Attendance is mandatory if student is in town.
  • Band Camp: Begins approx. 2 weeks before the first day of school for 8 hours per rehearsal day. - School Day rehearsals: Typically rehearsals will be after school on Monday, Thursday and Friday from 4:15-6:30 and Tuesday from 6-9 at the stadium.
  • Sectional Rehearsal: An additional rehearsal per week devoted to just the students of a particular section (i.e. Percussion, Guard, Hornline, etc.). These sectionals will be student scheduled but staff managed.
  • Extra Rehearsals: Typically 2-3 Saturday rehearsals in the months of August and September. Occasionally an evening rehearsal is substituted for an after school rehearsal based on stadium availability. 


The "Pride" marching band performs at halftime of all home varsity football games as well as at all away varsity football games (travel schedule permitting). The "Pride" also performs at all competitive contests and festivals; approx. 4 contests per season. The format of most contests are a prelim / finals contest. The "Pride" also performs various community support appearances based on need and accessibility. The ‘Pride’ will also perform with the Pre-game band, in the Stands, and at select Parades.


Each Pride member’s associated costs are based on but not limited to the following;

  • Uniform Accessories: Each Hornline and Percussion student purchases their uniform shoes, uniform T-shirt, gloves and ball cap. These items are ordered as a group to achieve the lowest possible discount pricing to each student.
  • Trip Food: The members are fed before every ballgame performance and at least twice at all contests.
  • Out-of-State contests: Each member pays or fundraises their “Fair share” of the overall cost for the ‘Pride’ to travel to an out-of-state event. This cost includes transportation, lodging, meals, entertainment, etc. for the entire trip.
  • Color Guard Fees: Because of the continual evolution of the Color Guard program it is difficult to foresee exact costs to guard members. However, typical costs include: Clinic Instruction Fee, competition Uniform, Performance Shoes, and Specialized Equipment.

Academic Achievement

Pride members receive Grades for marching band as co-curricular grades to their band class grades on their report of progress and their permanent transcript. Grades fall under the guidelines of the Bentonville Schools Assisted and Un-Assisted grades.