"Varsity Band"


The ‘Pre-game’ band is an all-encompassing marching band consisting of the members of the ‘Pride’ marching band and all 9th and 10th grade band students. The ‘Pregame’ band will perform on the field during the pregame ceremonies and in the stands of all home varsity football games.


The ‘Varsity Pre Game Band’ will provide a means for uniting members of the Bentonville Band Program from the 9th through 12th Grades. The ‘Pre-game’ band will achieve an entertainment contrast from the ‘Pride” by performing a pre-game program that will remain nearly the same from year to year, and focus on enhancing school spirit and patriotic duty.


Membership of the ‘Varsity Band’ will include all members of the ‘Pride’ marching band and all 9th band members.


Rehearsals for the ‘Varsity Band’ will take place at a variety of times and places, but are not limited to the following:

  • School Band Class: Students will rehearse various musical and visual techniques during their band class that meets during the school day.
  • Friday night/Saturday Rehearsal: The ‘Pregame’ band will learn the pre-game show during a rehearsal to be held on a Friday night or Saturday morning in the month of August.
  • Dress Rehearsal: A Dress Rehearsal will take place after school at the Bentonville band practice field or stadium on each date of a home varsity football game. The student will provide their own transportation.


The ‘Pre-game’ band will perform in a variety of situations.

  • Pre-game Show: The ‘Varsity band’ will perform a traditional style Pre-game show at all home varsity football games (in a style similar to most major universities)
  • Varsity Pep Band: The ‘Varsity band’ will play in the stands at all varsity home football games.
  • Parades: The ‘Varsity band’ will perform in a variety of community appearances and parades including but not limited to: Bentonville Christmas Parade.


Each member’s costs and fees are based on but not limited to the following;

  • Uniform Accessories: Each student purchases their uniform shoes, uniform Tshirt, gloves and ball cap. These items are ordered as a group to achieve the lowest possible discount pricing to each student.
  • Home game meals: The members pay a small additional fee to be fed before every ballgame performance.

Academic Achievement

‘Pre-game’ band members receive a grade on their report of progress and their permanent transcript in conjunction with the requirements of the band class (ie. Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Concert Band and 9th grade band).